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Malata Home For Exotic Cats/Kittens

Our cattery gradually progressed from two cats to over 60 cats/kittens now, thanks to our love for exotic cats.

We have a long history of breeding exotic animals, a culture we inherited from my dad who is now of blessed memory.
Over the years, we have had experiences with other exotic animals such as Kinkajou, fennec foxes, Hedgehog, skunk, Sugar glider etc, but we finally decided some years back to be specialized in exotic cats so as to maximize quality.

My wife and I are both experienced Vets and have previousely worked in zoos notably the Buffalo Zoo in New York, where we first met. So you can be 100% sure of quality kittens when you buy from us owing to our experience in every aspect of the lives of exotic cats.

We currently breed and sell SERVALS, BENGALS, OCELOTS, SAVANNAH, CARACALS and occassionally TOYGERS & CARACATS.
Our kittens/cats are all raised from an early age as special home pets with maximum exposure to children and other domestic pets such as dogs, domestic cats, birds and horses, so they are all perfectly socialized.

Our kittens makeup an integral part of our family, and our mission is to deliver the healthiest exotic cats/kittens with greatest of show cat desired traits, a high-quality structure with the most beautiful large outlined rosettes/stripes. Our breeding cats have all come from some of the finest cat breeding programs. The health of our kittens/cats is our number one concern and we stand behind every kitten that we place in our customer's home.

All our kittens/cats have received all aged appropriate vaccines and are health checked/certified by experienced vets. Each kitten is sold complete with paperwork, health certificates from an approved vet, 1 year health guarantee.
We work in close collaboration with our buyers especially those acquiring exotic cats/kittens for their very first time to ensure kittens are raised properly. Our lines and E-mail addresses are always open for contacts at anytime from any of our buyers who need help on how to properly raise their newly acquired kitten.
We also provide buyers with a manual and DVD that gives directives on how to take proper care of your new kitten/cats.

Our Cats/Kittens

About Us

Thank you for visiting Malata Home For Exotic Cats . We appreciate your interest in Exotic cats/kittens and share your enthusiasm with respect to this fascinating animals. 
Our site is dedicated to helping people own exotic cat breeds of their dreams and also learn more about domesticated wild cats, how to take care of them and to also help you understand why you should consider buying an exotic kitten from us.  If you don't find the information you are looking for regarding exotic cats please feel free to reach out to us and we will try to help you find the answers your looking for.

The health of cats/kittens in our cattery is taken very seriously, before any kittens or cat leaves our cattery for their new homes, we guarantee that they are :

****Our kittens are wormed for giardia and coccidia
****Our Cats and kittens are Veterinarian checked and vaccinated.  
****Our cats and kittens are tested for FeLV 
****Every cat is checked for PK deficiency and PRA
****Every kitten is ISO microchipped 
****All breeding cats are screened by HCM by a board-certified cardiologist. 
****All pet kittens are delivered to their new home spayed or neutered (At buyer's request).
****All cats and kittens are free of the Herpes Virus
****Our kittens go home at 11 weeks and older.
****Our cats are mostly on a raw diet
****Each kitten is health guaranteed for up to 1 year..


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